IT Secure Operations



Companies are faced with the ever-growing challenge of their IT operations in accordance with internal and legal requirements such as EU-GDPR, and to minimize the "business impact" as much as possible. We investigate and identify possible fields of action in your IT-Operation and develop concepts, action plans and solutions for your Secure Operation.

Security Compliance

We perform a gap and risk analysis in the areas of security governance and cloud security and develop a resulting catalog of measures and ensure its implementation.

Secure operation

Secure Operation takes special care of the access rights in your company. In particular, topics such as authentication and single sign-on are of central importance for a secure IT operation.

Infrastructure Security

In the area of Infrastructure Security, Network Security is also of particular importance to us. Here we take over all necessary tasks for the planning, execution and monitoring of a secure network operation. This includes the consideration of the technology used as well as the applicable legal regulations.