A selection of our references

A selection of our reference projects

Business lineTaskIndustryProject SizeRun Time
IT Automation ConsultingProject Management Workload AutomationAviation200 CD24 months
IT Automation ConsultingReturn on Automation Assessment: Study on Automation PotentialsData Services20 CD1 months
IT Digital Transformation ConsultingArchitecture Development
Public Services200 CD> 12 months
IT Digital Transformation ConsultingConcept Development
Public Services300 CD24 months
IT Digital Transformation ConsultingProject Management Digitalization ProgrammePublic Services400 CD24 months
IT Digital Transformation ConsultingDemand ManagementPublic Services300 CD24 months
EAM ConsultingCloud Migration HxGN EAMManufacturing150 CD18 months
EAM ConsultingImplementation HxGN EAMF & B140 CD12 months
EAM ConsultingGlobal Rollout HxGN EAM In 12 sitesManufacturing200 CD18 months
EAM ConsultingOptimization HxGN EAM und SupportChemical Industry60 CD/yearongoing
Identity & Access Management ConsultingProject ManagementAviation100 CD24 months
Identity & Access Management ConsultingIAM-ImplementationFinance300 CD24 months
Identity & Access Management ConsultingOptimization & Production SupportFinance240 CD36 months
Identity & Access Management ConsultingIAM-ImplementationEnergy Provider200 CD24 months

(CD= Consultant Day)