IT Governance Consulting

Are you looking for a suitable IT provider for your out-sourcing or out-tasking project? You want to transfer your IT holistically or in parts to a service provider to bring internal relief to your organization? By analyzing your company structures, we will be able to show you which topics and areas are particularly suitable for this purpose and support you in finding the right partner.
Using our tried and trusted methods and tools in the area of IT Transition Services, we can support you in optimizing the transition process.
When we develop our sourcing concepts, we use your company strategy as a guide!

The resulting make-or-buy decisions are the basis for your individual provider strategy. Based on our many years of experience, we are able to support our customers comprehensively and competently - whether in defining the appropriate production depth, or implementing the resulting measures.

Our services include:

  • Comparing and recommending sourcing options
  • Support for the creation of performance catalogs and tender documentation
  • Support with bid negotiations up to the selection of suitable service partners

IT Transition & Transformation Services

Within the framework of our transition services, we find it important to ensure the full and permanent service agreement for the performance transfer with your service partners. We will constantly keep focused when structuring your future IT control organization, and by using our tried and trusted six-phase model we will plan and ensure the smooth performance transfer, both from customers and the service partner or partners and between service partners.

We make your transition project a successful project!

IT Provider Management

We pave the way for successful cooperation between customer and IT service partners! To achieve this, we start setting up suitable structures and procedures during the transition of IT services.

We offer assistance with:

  • Determination and coordination of contractual agreements (SLAs, KPIs) in daily operation
  • Creating the required reporting system
  • The integration of the service management concept laid out for the contract term

IT Service Governance Consulting

We tailor our approach individually in consultation with you, generally though, we orientate ourselves to customary market standards, such as the ITIL-V4 model of IT Governance.

We support you in:

  • The definition or validation of key figures for your IT management
  • The creation and refinement of an IT Governance model
  • The definition of an service catalog
  • The creation of IT Governance guides and with change management

ITSM Suite Selection

ITSM solutions form the backbone of modern enterprise IT. It is only possible to achieve high productivity together with them while maintaining the service level and to optimally control the IT processes. Many organization are no longer satisfied with the solution they use and are searching for modern ITSM Suites that achieve unprecedented flexibility, functionality and user friendliness.
Our experience can help you to find the best solution for you in no time at all!

ITIL Process Consulting

When it comes to our IT process consulting, we go at it pragmatically and rely on aomation's own tried and tested methods and process models, as well as on the customary market standard process management.
Complementing your individual needs, we focus on the really necessary and doable to achieve the best possible quality and efficiency for you.

Performance Services

With the start of virtualization, IT departments are under increasing pressure to constantly optimize the utilization of their resources and to respond to changes. Additionally, IT organizations often serve geographically distributed systems, which means that the reduction of costs while at the same time increasing the service levels is practically impossible. To achieve efficient management of these complex information infrastructures, new methods and tools are implemented, each is autonomous and none have a holistic approach.

We can help you optimize your IT infrastructure and application performance by looking at the entire workflow of your data on servers, storage, SAN, and LAN networks. Our experts have many years of experience dealing with performance and workflow optimization, they can support you in the analysis and removal of bottlenecks, check and optimize your hardware and software configurations and offer support so you can use your existing IT landscape more efficiently on a permanent basis.