Digital Transformation Consulting

E-Government is intended to give citizens and companies uncomplicated and time-independent access to all kind of public services. By deploying e-government services procedures become faster and more cost-effective. E-Government procedures ensure greater efficiency and transparency.

E-Government is not only a question of IT, but also a question of organisation - due to the wide range of topics and requirements in e-government, aomation currently  focuses on the areas of "family and child" and "education".

Here we have gained experience in planning and coordination with authorities, in system architecture and implementation management of large projects in various federal states.

Contents are among others:

OAA Implementation

The Online Access Act (OAA) is intended to enable citizens to apply for and receive information in the near future, as well as to obtain and submit applications and information in digital form via federal, state and local government portals.

Our experience in implementing the law is primarily in the areas of "family & child" and "education".
Here we have been able to gain experience in planning, coordination with specialist authorities, architecture and control and implementation in large projects in various federal states.

News transport

The transport of information in the form of messages is subject to strict regulations and cannot be compared with the requirements of business companies. Every authority and every provider who transports messages for or between authorities must assume that these are particularly sensitive personal data whose transmission must comply with the standards of koSIT, DVDVD, XTA or OSCI. In the environment of authorities the loss or falsification of data can have fatal consequences. This must be prevented under all circumstances. In addition, one must be aware that there are not suitable standards for message formats and content for every situation, which makes cooperation with koSIT necessary.

Coordination with technical authorities and technical procedures

The introduction of the OZG means that applications that have been submitted in paper form will be digitalized as electronic applications. Since in principle all applications have complex special and exceptional regulations, the process must be clarified with the relevant authorities. Information must be collected by the online service and/or this information could be collected automatically. Since the associated specialist procedures must also be checked for their efficiency with regard to digitisation and possibly adapted.

Implementation of a electronic application system

Once the decision has been made which life situation and which special procedure can be digitalized  the implementation is carried out in the form of architecture, time planning, ongoing coordination and control.
During the implementation in this environment, the special requirements of such a project must be taken into account and there must be a constantly chec for legal conformity.