EAM Consulting

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) manages the technical assets of a company. These can be machines, buildings, vehicle fleets, traffic infrastructure, data centers, networks or complete production plants as well as IT assets.

For companies, EAM systems are an important component of the digital transformation, as companies are enabled to record extensive "messages" of assets, bundle them with additional data and thus create a holistic picture of the asset status. The linking of different data sources such as plant condition, planned maintenance measures, production requirements, resource situation (replacement material, availability of qualified personnel) is the basis for optimal operating decisions.

All activities that are required in the life cycle of an asset are supported here. This starts with planning and construction, extends to productive use and also includes dismantling and disposal. In the age of the Internet of Things, the assets communicate directly with the EAM system using suitable interfaces in order to be able to carry out maintenance measures in a targeted and optimal manner or to have them run automatically.

In the first step, they define the business case for the introduction of an EAM system together with our experts. Only when the project motivation has been confirmed by all participants, the EAM system can be adapted to your exact needs.

aomation supports you in the selection of a suitable system, process analysis and modeling, implementation and operation of an EAM system.

Process Consulting

The collection of your existing processes and data is the basis of your future maintenance strategy. Depending on necessity and economic parameters, this strategy can consist of sub-strategies such as preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance or simply reactive maintenance. Our experienced consultants discuss all relevant topics with you in joint workshops.


If desired, we can bring best-practice processes into the workshops as a basis for discussion. As a result, after the workshop phase you will receive a documentation of your current and future processes.

Asset structure

EAM systems require a technical description of their equipment. This starts with the registration or allocation of the license plate and continues up to the structure of the system. We support you in data preparation, quality assurance and the import of data into the EAM system.


EAM systems require access to other systems and data for optimal operation. For example, replacement materials can be reserved in the ERP system, costs can be transferred to the ERP system and completed work orders can be transferred to your document management system in a court-proof manner. aomation advises you on the interface architecture as well as on the technical documentation of the interfaces.

EAM Configuration and Implementation

Today, EAM systems can be operated on-site (on premise) or can be consumed as a service from the cloud.

System initialization and configuration

Regardless of which operating model you choose, the systems must be configured. Thus, your predefined processes are configured, your authorization structure is stored, but also the required forms, reports and dashboards are adapted to your requirements.

Data preparation and transfer

The quality-assured import of your data is the basis for the successful use of the EAM system.

Training of the employees

Every system can only be as good as the employees have been prepared for its use. aomation supports you in training your team. This can be done by intensive training of key users or by preparing training material used by them or an external training provider.

EAM Support

Continuous technological developments also lead to new requirements for an EAM system. For example, documentation obligations can change or be newly created, your processes are further optimized, new technologies such as artificial intelligence find their way into maintenance.
We support you in the operating phase so that your EAM system can always provide optimum support for your maintenance.


On request, we can provide a user helpdesk for your key users. The aomation employees are familiar with your processes and your individual EAM configuration, so that we can provide targeted support.


The preparation of patches and major updates of the EAM system is also one of the services we offer.

Error analysis

And if something doesn't work as it should, our specialists from the 2nd level will intervene. We are also happy to take over the communication with the product producer. So you get all the services you need from one source.